Steps to Delete DailyHomeGuide

DailyHomeGuide is a perilous infection that exhibits different malicious behaviors meant to damage a computer system of an Internet user in order to accomplish tasks including data theft. The digital parasite finds and resides on those Windows systems of those users who do not use an anti-virus to protect their system or do not adhere to some safety precautions. This ain’t like a simple weed or a file that can be eliminated just by a simple delete or using an anti-virus. A creation of the cyber hackers, DailyHomeGuide includes properties that gives its ability to use rootkits in to escape an anti-virus and most of the cases, it also disables anti-virus processes in order to sneak in. Hence, it is always beneficial to use an updated anti-spyware programs to tackles such harmful form of goons from entering the system.

Here’s what DailyHomeGuide can do. As it easily sneaks inside, it crawls inside the memory and disables many processes to run itself and its process. It also appends files and most of the time corrupts the structure of the file as well leading to data loss and corruption and blocks user from accessing them. One of the biggest issues comes when it starts to hampers registry values. Due to this, applications start to crash down and system performs very slow, even crashes sometimes. In addition, it also does many changes in browser settings, redirects websites and records keystrokes to get your personal and financial information.

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How Does DailyHomeGuide Finds its way into your PC

Malware authors always try to carve new ways of hacking into other’s PC using nasty Internet bugs such as DailyHomeGuide. There are although several delivery channels used by the hackers to put the infection inside the core of your PC ranging from ads, spam messages, free softwares, free games etc. and some more which are yet not known. But mostly, the following mentioned mediums are frequently used as a vector.

Spam/Junk Emails:

One of the common though effective sources through which DailyHomeGuide makes its way inside a Windows PC. Malware authors use names of authoritative or genuine websites in subjects and lure users to click on a link or open an attachment.

Untrusted Free Downloads:

Many non experienced computer users download just about any stuff from unscrupulous and untrusted websites without reading the End Users Agreement. These sites are compromised so is the product or program offered in there with DailyHomeGuide. Additionally, free subscriptions from these sites can also become a medium as well. So be careful.

Using Infected Media/USB devices

USB devices or flash drives a quite a vulnerable data stores that are harmed by these viruses and spywares easily. If you use an infected drive in your PC, chances are that your PC might end up getting infected.

Visiting Unscrupulous Sites

Sites such as pornographic portals are a huge repository of nasty infections such as DailyHomeGuide. So better user stay away from these domains to protect your PC.

What DailyHomeGuide would do in your PC

DailyHomeGuide, the PC infection is programmed to a lot of filthy activities that might result into unexpected ramifications afterwards.

  • DailyHomeGuide modifies system files and appends it with its code
  • Downloads many other nasty files and malwares
  • Redirects URLs to unscrupulous and filthy websites by hijacking your browser
  • May host your PC as a broadcasting channel for pornography
  • Fills up the browser and websites with lots of ads and pop ups
  • Fills up the Inbox of your mail with lots of junk
  • Worse activity of DailyHomeGuide; it steal your personal data such as contacts, bank details etc, simple files etc. It even keeps track of what you surf by recording keystrokes.

All the above mentioned activities of the infection leaves a series of problems that your PC would experience all the time. These problems are like a sign that can be used to detect whether your PC is infected or not.

  • Anti-virus applications stops working
  • Deletion of data
  • Presence of a lot of unknown items on desktop as well as in the drives
  • Unknown toolbars, extensions and plug ins in the browser
  • Windows PC hangs often while working
  • Modification of system and browser settings
  • Ads, pop ups in the browser window
  • Application crashes all of a sudden
  • Lots of spam emails in the Inbox folder
  • Slow data connections

Any user would rip the wires of his/her computer if he/she suffers from all these problems flooding the PC. The only solution to help your PC recover from this is to remove DailyHomeGuide as quickly as possible.

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How to Get Rid of DailyHomeGuide From Windows PC

This infection is undoubtedly very fatal for your computer system but it ain’t impossible to terminate and shove this stubborn parasite. However, you can use two different methods according to beat this virus. Both the methods and the required steps are mentioned below.

Manual Method to Remove DailyHomeGuide

This method can consume some time and of course patience. You need to start your PC in the safe mode in order to work through these steps. The reason is that the parasite won’t let you start off any process in the normal mode.

In order to get the safe mode, reboot your Windows system and continuously press F8 button to get the Advanced booting options. Select “Safe Mode with Networking” option there.


Now after the OS is loaded completely, start Task Manager by holding CTRL + ALT + DEL key combinations altogether. Select DailyHomeGuide related processes in the Process tab and click on “End Process” button.


Secondly, using Control Panel, uninstall all programs that are unknown or are suspicious to you.


Thirdly, search for all DailyHomeGuide files and entries in Windows drives and delete them as well.


Last but not the least, go to Run and type “regedit” in there. This will open Registry Editor, clear all the values and entries of the virus but be careful.


Following or carrying out these steps requires a lot of patience and attention since registry is a very sensitive component of a Windows PC that keeps info and values about different processes and applications. A single mistake can lead to irreplaceable problems. Experts advise professionals or technically efficient people to use the manual steps in order to remove DailyHomeGuide. If you are newbie, don’t even go for it. Here’s where the second method steps in and that is using a third party DailyHomeGuide removal software.

Removing DailyHomeGuide with Automatic Removal Tool

An award winning and efficient removal tool that has been tested against all kinds of agile Internet bugs. With an always ready to update option, it helps a PC to defend against new and more potential bugs such as DailyHomeGuide very easily. Even though, the tool is very advanced in its programming, looking at its interface would make you feel like it’s a piece of a cake. The anti-virus functionary performs a thorough scan of the drive and scourges everything including registry, drives to find and remove DailyHomeGuide and other nasties. You can also use the custom scan option to make it scan a particular drive or a region on the hard disk.

Automatic DailyHomeGuide removal tool: More Features

  • Network Sentry feature fights against Internet bugs which try to alter your networking settings.
  • You can also schedule or time the scans using Scan scheduler option.
  • System Guards, a feature that beefs up protection and plugs in all the security loopholes.
  • Contact experts and support team 24X7 with Spyware Helpdesk feature

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How to Remove with DailyHomeGuide Removal Tool

Step 1: Click on the download button to download the software in the safe mode. Now install it and click “Scan Computer” option to begin the scanning procedure.


Step 2: You will see progress of the scan going on. Just don’t do any other stuffs whilst this process completes. After scanning is over, it will show you list and details of all hazardous infections residing inside including DailyHomeGuide in the thumbnail format.


Step 3: “Spyware Helpdesk” an inbuilt feature that can get you one on one technical assistance if you have any kind of issues related to malware removal or the usage of this tool. Assistance is provided 24X7.


Step 4: “System Guard” is one more feature that prevents all the nasty bugs from the Internet or from any device from getting inside and infecting your computer system.


Download DailyHomeGuide removal tool now to get rid of the unscrupulous infection infecting and damaging your files and ruining system performance.

Note: This is a demo version of the removal tool. It will scan and show you number of virus, spywares in your PC but won’t remove them. For getting the removal functions and more, you shall have to register for the licensed version.

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